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Video: The Voice for Peace on the Korean Peninsula from Mongolia

With thanks to our friends at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies in Cambodia, for featuring GPPAC in their video series, Stories of Korea Peninsula Peace!

The video features Co-Convenors of the Ulaanbaatar Process, a civil society dialogue for peace on the Korean Peninsula. The Ulaanbaatar Process is a dialogue program initiated in 2015 by members of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) in Northeast Asia as part of ongoing efforts by civil society to build sustainable peace in the region.

“The Ulaanbaatar Process hopes for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula and of the people.” said Dr. Jargalsaikhan Enkhsaikhan, Chairman of Blue Banner, and Co-Convenor of the Ulaanbaatar Process.

“Peace on the Korean Peninsula is something which will be created by and for the Korean people. The international community, the neighbouring countries, different NGOs have such a role to play to ensure that the space is provided for them to actually be able to do this.” said Meri Joyce, Regional Liaison Officer of GPPAC Northeast Asia, and Co-Convenor of the Ulaanbaatar Process.

Be sure to check out their full series here, including interviews with GPPAC partners from the Korean National Peace Committee in Pyongyang!

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