Korea Global Forum for Peace Education (KGFP): September 14-15

We are looking forward to joining the Korea Global Forum for Peace Education (KGFP) in September on the theme, “Peace Education in Divided Societies.”

In 2021, countries worldwide are faced with turmoil from pandemics, conflicts, violence, and discrimination. Especially in divided societies, including the Korean peninsula, the current situation seems even more challenging despite various peacebuilding and social actions taking place. The context of division propagates and escalates conflicts, rivalries and animosities between and across people in the societies.

Nonetheless, peace education should continue to take steps forward toward sustainable peace. We believe lesson sharing and reciprocal empowerment between peacebuilders are ways to ensure such progress.

Therefore, Okedongmu Children in Korea proposes cooperation and collaboration among the diverse organizations and individuals involved in peace education and peacebuilding. This organisation is extending the invitation to the 2021 Korean Global Forum for Peace Education, that will be a place for interaction between a large range of peace education and peacebuilding organizations working in divided societies around the world which would also be foundational for our further collaboration.

See here for the full programme and details: https://www.kgfpforum.com/eng/

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