Europe Day Day in Ulaanbaatar

Our members in Ulaanbaatar including Blue Banner and Y4RP enjoyed an unforgettable Europe Day on May 28!

While it was a rainy day, Mongolians welcome rain prior to the start of summer believing that the summer would be green and beautiful, and that in the fall the crop would be abundant, so people were very happy!

Hundreds of people came to the square to get to know more about Europe and collaboration with Mongolia. Nearly 40 NGOs displayed exhibitions at tents about cooperation with the EU, and Many young people came to Blue Banner’s tent to learn more about the Ulaanbaatar Process and activities for youth, peace and security. There were hours of active programing including many arts performances and programs dedicated to children and for all to enjoy.

Thanks to the EU Delegation to Mongolia for the opportunity to participate in such a memorable day!

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