Every voice matters for peace on the Korean Peninsula: Jennifer Deibert on US-DPRK relations and what the US could do better

In this series, we highlight the diverse voices of people passionately building peace on the Korean Peninsula as part of the Ulaanbaatar Process (UBP). Named after the Mongolian capital in which it was officially launched in 2015, the Ulaanbaatar Process is a unique civil society dialogue for peace and stability in Northeast Asia (NEA). This story features Jennifer Deibert, DPRK Program Director for American Friends Service Committee, who tells us how 70 years of division and militarization of the Korean Peninsula have made the “abnormal” become “normal” and what can be done to change this highly dangerous situation.

Jennifer Deibert is based out of Reedley, California, and is currently working for American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) as DPRK Programme Director. Through AFSC’s Washington DC Office of Public Policy, her work also includes advocacy in the United States promoting AFSCs engagement in the DPRK and peace initiatives from Northeast Asia civil society.

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