Every voice matters for peace on the Korean Peninsula: Hwang Sooyoung on how to end the 70-year-long Korean War

In this series, we highlight the diverse voices of people passionately building peace on the Korean Peninsula as part of the Ulaanbaatar Process (UBP). Named after the Mongolian capital in which it was officially launched in 2015, the Ulaanbaatar Process is a unique civil society dialogue for peace and stability in Northeast Asia (NEA). This story features Hwang Sooyoung from People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD), who tells us about conditions for the start of peace talks and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and how civil society will mark the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice agreement.

Hwang Sooyoung photgraphed by Els Broers during her advocacy visit to The Hague in 2023.

70 years is enough

Hwang Sooyoung is based in Seoul, where she works for PSPD as manager for the Centers for Peace and Disarmament and for International Solidarity. She is also secretary-general of the Korea Peace Appeal, an international peace campaign calling for an end to the Korean War and a transition from armistice to peace on the Korean Peninsula.

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